COVID Protector Plus

About COVID Protector Plus

WORLD's AN AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, UNIQUE DEVICE DEDICATED TO HUMAN BEINGS. Strongest safeguard against Corona (COVID-19), SARS(COVID-16), & all other dangerous bacteria & viruses. ATTACKS, KILLS, PROTECTS Received certificates from all world's government and medical research labs. Continuesly emmiting purest form of medical grade Bio-Oxygen i.e. Ozone 3, Oxygen Plasma, Allotropic Oxygen Cluster Catalytic Anions(millions of negative ions) 100℅Attenuates, Attacks, Kills, Protect of Corona viruses (cOVID-19), SARS(cOVID-16) & all dangerous viruses, bacterias Strongly fight diseases I. e Cancer, HIV, & so many detrimental diseases Jeevan Sanjeevani for COPD., ASTHMA, LUNGS INFECTION, BRONCHITIS


(Daily Usage and Instruction)

  • 4 – 5 feet above the ground
  • Device should be placed with its output directed towards the occupants
  • Larger spaces / halls require proportionately a greater number of machines
  • Use it whenever people are present inside the room
  • As per Global Norms, each device covers up to 150-200 sqft area (150 sqft recommended)
  • Monitor the efficacy by holding the white oxygenise paper at the output for 2 Seconds – its color changes to brown